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Where have I been? May 24, 2009

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Where has the time gone? It has been ages since I last posted. The Supertanker has been one huge whirl in the last few weeks, so much so that I have not had much time for the blog. I have been writing, researching, creating and problem solving to such an extent that there has been little time for anything else.

I have been very involved in a project which should be very interesting when it goes live later in the year, more on that when it does so. I have also been building websites, designing website concepts for range of people, including myself. Somehow it is so much harder to act as creator and client, one is hard to satisfy and the other finds it hard to get creative inspiration from the other!

So lots on and a trojan on the network that is proving troublesome to remove. Anyone else finding that the Ministry CA v8.1 release is letting stuff walk through in realtime only to be picked up by the drive scan when it is too late?

So I am now back in the saddle and will fill in more of the details as and when I can. Meanwhile look at the updated Flickr stream to the right!