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Making Headway December 19, 2007

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The ink has dried on the contract and now it is official.  The sustainED Maungarei Kaitiakitanga ICT PD cluster will run from 2008 – 2010.  This fact alone will give impetus to a heading change on the Supertanker.  In addition I have just placed an order for the equipment for beefed up ICT classrooms, this will bring our tally up to 10 classrooms in 2008.  Perhaps the greatest harbinger of change is the fact that 17 members of staff wanted to be part of this project with only 10 spaces up for grabs.  Compare this to last year when only 4 classrooms were to be created and only 5 staff applied.  Add to the mix that I am one of the facilitators in the cluster next year and I think that it is fair to say that the tanker has turned another 10 degrees. 


The Ultimate Bandwidth Killer? December 5, 2007

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I think that I have found the ultimate bandwidth killer!  This little utility from Mogulus is yet another brilliant tool and is yet another reason why I will need a fibre cable as thick as my arm to feed my school pretty soon! 

What this cool utility allows you to do is to create your own web based TV station.  What is more it is live.  The image that you see above is my live stream embedded into my blog that I use to test things on.  As you can see my station has its own name – Madfish which is now part of the Madfish Broadcasting Corporation!  I have a ticker and all sorts of other goodies that I add or remove.  The terminal that I log into enables me to cut between live feeds and pre-prepared video footage, just like the editor up in the gallery would do in a real TV station.  It is really cool, I can see huge potential for this in education, I now need some willing classroom to take it on…

I have been looking for this kind of utility for ages, I have investigated VLC media player and while that is good and can handle a live feed within my network, what I have wanted to achieve is a live feed to the Internet.  It is my aim to set up bird feed stations in our gully so that we can share our wonderful natural resource with others from all over the world.  This cool utility will enable us to do that, we will be able to have several feed stations all linked into the one portal and our students will be able to cue between cameras to give our on-line audience the best images of the Tuis, fungi or whatever we are observing at the time.  I can see a future where students will be able to do scientific observations, statistical work etc through this portal and we can share the flora and fauna that our students are lucky enough to have within their school grounds.

Any takers for the stream?  Once I have set up a proper school TV station I will post the details here.  The future of education is not moving towards us, it is galloping! It had better hurry up, I can’t wait any longer!