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Remote lessons with Dimdim and Skype March 4, 2009

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After a break of over 6 months, the tohatoha collaboration has gone live again. The break has been forced upon us because of a series of events beyond our control. Helen’s class had their summer vacation and no sooner had they come back in September, when Helen had a car crash that ensured that she was at home recuperating for the majority of term 1 in the UK, then it was our southern hemisphere summer holidays and the rest they say is history! So after a long break we are back.

Last night was the first time that Helen and I have put into action something that we have been working on for a long time. We used a free meeting service called dimdim. This little tool is fantastic, it not only enables each member of the chat to see and hear the meeting organiser, up to three other members of the meeting can also be audio contributors too. However the particular features of dimdim that I like are that a whole class of students can log in to my meeting or lesson and I can not only see who has logged on I can chat with each one of them either publically or privately via the text message options. Better yet I can also share my desktop with the entire meeting, so that I can demonstrate how to use any program that is on my computer and in this particular instance from a distance of 12 000 miles away!

Last night we used Skype as the audio and video bridge and dimdim as the “interactive whiteboard.” I ran two lessons with two different classes and the final lesson ended at 00:14 NZDST. Today I am pretty tired! In one of the lessons there were 33 individual students plus Helen all logged into the same meeting and although there was a short delay between my actions on the screen turning up on the screens in front of the students, the delay was not long enough to affect the lesson flow. At this great distance I was able to teach students how to import live data into Excel with ease. Lesson two is next Wednesday starting at 22:00 NZDST so if you wish to join the meeting/lesson and see how dimdim could work for you, let me know. You can see how the lesson looked from a UK perspective at the tohatoha blog.



1. Kevin Micalizzi, Dimdim Web Conferencing - March 5, 2009


Thanks for sharing, I also saw the UK perspective. What a fantastic project, thanks for putting our free web conferencing to such good use.


Kevin Micalizzi, Community Manager
Dimdim Web Conferencing
e: kevin@dimdim.com
twitter: @dimdim
facebook: dimdim.com/facebook

2. davidit - March 5, 2009

Kevin, Dimdim is a good tool. I am particularly interested in using tools like yours to bring learning experiences to small rural schools and there are plenty of them in New Zealand. A product such as dimdim enables students to collaborate with other students or teachers with other students, as I have done. The ability to collaborate or teach remotely enables students to get access to skills, resources and learning that may be unavailable to them in their physical space.

Keep refining the product, I have been working with dimdim since the middle of last year and I can see that you are polishing it all the time.

3. Kevin Micalizzi, Dimdim Web Conferencing - March 5, 2009

David, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. My email is kevin@dimdim.com.

Kevin Micalizzi, Community Manager
Dimdim Web Conferencing
e: kevin@dimdim.com
twitter: @dimdim
facebook: dimdim.com/facebook

4. Raj - April 28, 2009


We are a English language school here in India and would like to use Dimdim to to teach students in remote areas. The class size would be approximately 25 students. Is it possible to have a two way ( teacher – student ) communication through Dimdim using cordless headphones and mic ?

davidit - April 29, 2009


Dimdim does not allow too much two way feed back on Audio. You can have text conversations with your students. I get round this by using skype for the audio and video.

5. David Radley - August 20, 2009

David Kinane
Are you my ex photographic assistant, form my days in Beak St , Soho, London?
I thought you had moved to Salisbury, England.
If you are, it would be nice to catch up somehow.
If you are not, I am sorry to have bothered you, and I am sorry not to have got in touch with David – he is a very nice chap!

Kind regards

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