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Lookah.tv goes live October 2, 2009

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A new post about this initiative has been posted at http://dakinane.com/blog


ASUS Eeepc 900 August 3, 2008

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Eeepc at home

Last Friday evening I was given an ASUS Eeepc 900 to play with for a couple of weeks.  My task is to evaluate it and write a review for Interface Magazine.  I have been playing with it all weekend and will take it into school over the next few days and get some students to evaluate it too.  My initial reaction is that it is a well made and thought out product that has huge educational potential.

My biggest challenge so far has been to wrestle it away from my own children.  We are not exactly short of computers at home, we cover the bases with three Windows Xp machines, two Macs, three pda’s (one Palm and two HP’s) and a Linux SUSE desktop 10 machine.  With only four of us at home it is not the fact that my family have to fight to get Internet access that has caused the interest, nor is it the novelty of a computer at home!  However this machine has caught their imagination and that will warrant further investigation as to why.  The version that I have is the open source version (of course!).  I have found some interesting links on the Eeepc on the net and I share a couple with you below.

I particularly love this next video….  It appeals to my sense of humour and my desire to burst the OS hype bubble!  They are just plastic and silicone guys, what matters is the Internet and your access to it.

Just like a London bus… May 14, 2008

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…you wait and two come at once!

I have had two fantastic events happen this week. The programme for Prague has been released, I now know when and on what day I am presenting with Helen. It is all coming together and almost daily Helen and I are working on our presentation. When we finally meet at Gatwick airport in June we will then have the opportunity to polish the presentation further.

Going back to Gatwick for the first time in many years will be rather nostalgic as I used to pass through Gatwick airport every day on my commute to work. I used to live in north London and commute to Gatwick, to where our large photographic studio was in one of the warehouses at the edge of the runway. We were right next door to the Virgin Airlines training facility, complete with a mock up of a 747 cabin for passenger refreshment delivery training…

It has been an interesting exercise in professional collaboration with Helen not only to get the entire tohatoha project off the ground, but putting this paper and presentation together. It has taken a lot of effort on beahalf of both of us, but the results have been more than worth it. There has been a spin off, I will be visiting Helen’s class on 30 June and the school has asked me to make a presentation to them at a staff meeting that day, before I get the train back to London and my flight to Athens (long story). Now I am working on that presentation too.

The second bus of the metaphor is that I have been approached in the last week by ICT learning in Kuala Lumpur to run some workshops and speak at one of their conferences in August. This connection was made through Greg Adams at Interface magazine, thanks Greg. This is exactly the kind of thing that I want to do, reach out and share to the greater teaching world, the potential of ICT and especially the raft of online web2.0 tools to enhance the conditions of learning for our students.

Of course I said yes, now I have another set of presentations and workshops to prepare. How good is that?!

Well Done Helen! February 14, 2008

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I was leafing through the latest edition of New Zealand Interface magazine today (February ’08 edition) and as usual I found it a mix of really interesting interviews, articles, tips and links. As it happens there is an interview with Chris Carter our Minister for Education who has noticed my efforts on the supertanker, all very gratifying stuff, I certainly got a lot of positive feed back at school for it today, thanks to a global e-mail sent to all staff by Marnie. But this is not the point of this post, as I was leafing through the magazine I saw the ‘Best Blog’ award for this edition has been awarded to Helen Hardie my friend and my co-collaborator in the initiative, as well as many others in 2007 and plenty more in 2008, that Mr Carter was alluding to in his interview.

Helen’s views make interesting reading, I suggest you all go and have a look. Well done again Helen. Your efforts have certainly caught the eye of the editors of Interface and as a result all of New Zealand will no doubt be beating a path to your blog, watch those stats climb!