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Learning @ Schools 09 – Unconference session February 23, 2009

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I will be attending this year’s conference in Rotorua with 15 members of our cluster, 9 of whom will be presenting their own sessions, considering that we have only been going a year, this level of contribution back to the clusters is phenomenal.  I will not be presenting this year as I will be sherpherding and supporting 9 very anxious individuals as they make their first forays into presenting to their peers.

I will however be running an unconference session on the Friday morning.  The venue has yet to be allocated, however to make it interesting I have invited Helen from the UK to join us to add an international perspective to our discussions.  The session is intended as a sharing one, where ideas and web2.0 resources are shared with the group.  I also intend it to be a problem solving session, where attendees can also ask if there are any online tools, software, freeware etc that could be integrated into some aspect of their teaching and learning environment.

If you are in Rotorua and want to come along, please register here.  If you are not in Rotorua and you want to attend, please join the Skype discussion.  You can find me at dakinane on Skype in your request to become one of my contacts please quote this session, so that I know you are a genuine contact.  The session is timed for 90 minutes from 9:30AM NZDST Friday 27 February.  It would be great to have you join in.

See you then.



1. Simon - February 23, 2009

Sounds good. I’ll see if I can sneak in if I can get away

2. TeachingSagittarian - February 24, 2009

Would love to have skyped in and joined in the conversation – unfortunately it will be 3.30am Friday morning for me – if I’m awake though (since it’s so jolly hot here at the moment) I will come online.
Enjoy Learning@Schools 09 – I really miss home when these conferences are on!

3. davidit - February 24, 2009


We would love to have you tune in and give your thoughts especially with a Thai perspective. Go on, you know that you want to, sleep is so over rated! Simon is joining us if that is not incentive enough!

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