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Vocaroo – Voice recorder February 17, 2009

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Vocaroo user interface

Vocaroo user interface

I found this little utility called Vocaroo the other day and while it is not Voicethread, what I love about it is its simplicity.  It is such a simple interface that even the youngest student can be freed from the tyranny of typing and is able to share their thoughts simply and quickly.  The screen dump above is what you see as soon as you enter the site.  There are no complicated log ons, just click to record.  Once recording has been done, you can then either listen or re-record, these options are really large button icons, so no hunting for options.  Once you are happy with your recording there are then two options.  One option is to insert hyperlink so that it can be sent in an e-mail or the other option is an embedable widget that can be inserted into a blog or wiki etc.

I used this tool with a class of year four students yesterday.  They had never seen it before, but with its simple interface I taught four students how to use it, record their own voice and then embed the code onto their wiki page.  I then got these four experts to then tutor individual students how to do the task I had just shown them.  The end result is that within 45 minutes 90% of the class had recored and embedded their poems, thanks to the ease of use of Vocaroo.  I also now have four experts who can teach how to use this tool.

Vocaroo enables students to share their thoughts, pose questions, give considered responses really quickly.  I think that this tool can enable the momentum of ideas of the moment. Vocaroo is  a really good tool that has been well thought out, without pretensions of being anything else.  “It does what it says on the tin.”



1. bibi - March 7, 2009

it’s e very cool site!!

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