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Integrated Connections February 13, 2009

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The Supertanker has endeavoured to be partnered with several schools over the last few years.  We have connections with schools in Singapore, with Woodford Junior Schools in Plymouth, with Sandi in New York and with Serpell School in Victoria.  Our connecton with Serpell has been the longest established and the least technologically advanced, it seems that the nearer we are the less likely we are to resort to web 2.0  technology to communicate.  In Serpell’s case this is probably more due to the draconian filtration policies of the Victorian government. Simply put it the Victorian policy is one of impediment and not one of enabling,  I could go on about that, but will refrain.

Serpell school is not where it says it is on Google Maps, check out my post related to my November visit to Serpell.  Serpell School is however on the eastern fringes of Melbourne, nearly where Google Maps says that it is.  As we settled back into our new year we have been re-establishing our links with individual staff members at Serpell and starting to plan our collaborations for this year.  Then the fires started.  Several members of staff at Serpell have had a close shave with the fires, but thankfully none have suffered any kind of loss.  However in the wider staff and student population  there are many who know of others who have not fared so well…

In the spirit of partnership and collaboration we on the Supertanker have decided run a mufti day next Friday to raise money for the disaster appeal and send it directly to our friends and colleagues at Serpell.  To kick start this initiative, we ran an interactive assembly today that really put the events in Victoria on a personal scale for the students on the Supertanker and gave focus and relevance to what they will be doing during next week and beyond the mufti day.

The following was played at our assembly:

Our assembly had many elements, we had Google Earth running on the big screen to put our location in relation to Melbourne into perspective.  We then changed the scale and using this Google Map we zoomed in and identified some of the fires in relation to Serpell School.  After this we then showed the aboves videos from YouTube to give a visual impact to the whole proceedings and culminated in a Skype call to the Principal of Serpell school.  This call was played via our PA system so that all could hear.  Several students took part in the conversation and Tom’s question “What can we do to help?’ literally took the wind out of the sails of the Principal at Serpell. Pulling all this information together into one session illustrated to many of the crew of the Supertanker the power of the Internet to pull information together in such a way to make distant events relevant.

Next week we will have yet another interactive assembly and this time the students from Serpell will be sharing their experiences of recent events with us.  All of this will be recored, re-mixed and re-published on a blog or wiki that we will be creating with the staff and students of Serpell school.



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2. sfrack - February 14, 2009

This is fabulous! Your students are getting a global perspective and rushing the the aid.
How I wish my school would allow more interaction.
I am thinking of Meadowbank always.
Thanks for linking me.
Send all my love.

3. Helen Hardie - February 15, 2009

A truly integrated global curriculum at its best! Well done to all of you at Meadowbank. We at Woodford will certainly continue to follow the subsequent posts to this.

4. Helen Hardie - February 15, 2009

David, thanks for linking to us but for any of you trying to follow the link to Woodford Schools website – we apologise that we have been experiencing problems. The company hosting the site are in the process of migrating our website to a new web server. This should be completed by 20 March.

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