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First Google Earth and now Google Oceans February 3, 2009

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Google have just announced the latest upgrade to their Google Earth program.  Now it is possible explore under the oceans and visit ship wrecks, volcanoes etc.  Check out the following links:



I expect that it will be possible to visit the Titanic and other such documented wrecks in a 3-D environment.  The mid-Atlantic trench and undersea vents would be good places to explore plate tectonics.

They have also improved the 3D quality of their Google Mars data and in addition  have added some other really cool utilities to the existing land data for Google Earth, including timelapse images to see change over time for certain areas of the planet.

Apart from global domination, what is next on the horizon for Google?  I know what I am off to do, upgrade my copy of Google Earth…



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