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“Take it easy out there…” January 28, 2009

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The quote is from the 80’s cop show “Hill Street Blues.” And at the end of each daily briefing the duty sergeant would say that.

I am prompted to write this as we all start to head back to school after a long hot summer vacation. I was on the Supertanker today and it was a sea of hazards. Piles of books, crates, desks, computers, all the paraphernalia of daily school life, spilled over every class. To top it all, many members of the Supertanker crew were in, preparing their classrooms for the start of the new term next week. In several classes I witnessed the classic, “it will only take a minute” actions of near accidents. A teacher balanced on a desk, pinning stuff to a wall and over stretching.

Nothing happened, but as my wife found to her cost just before Christmas, the “it will only take a minute” action can also end in disaster. The image below is my wife’s foot 8 days after a very large book case, she thought would only take a minute to move and without my assistance, obeyed the laws of gravity and crushed her foot in the process!


For those who are not taking it easy out there, the following sites might be a timely reminder!

Habit at work

Department of Labour


So as you all return to your classrooms and especially this weekend, when I know a lot of you will be in class frantically trying to get your rooms ready for the new year; take it easy out there and have a fantastic 2009.



1. Helen Hardie - February 1, 2009

Woa – that looks painful! I hope Evie is mended now!

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