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So what did you do this summer..? January 28, 2009

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As we all head back to school, a  similar range of questions will be asked of thousands of colleagues in hundreds of staff rooms throughout the southern hemisphere.  I thought that I would first ask and then answer my own question on the blogsphere and hopefully many of you will answer this same question and link to here and share your summer, so here goes.

…Well.  I decided to get away from it all, 2008 was a fantastic year and I needed to re-charge my batteries.  I switched off my phone, packed up my camera gear and headed with the family to the South Island, with the intention of getting way off the beaten track.  We did it last year too, but focused on the Marlborough Sounds and Golden Bay.  This year we went to the Alps and the deep south. What follows are a selection of images from this most recent trip.

We watched the rain lift and a full moon light Aoraki/Mout Cook at 11:00 pm


I photographed this Yellowhammer at Lindis Pass


I stood in an icy alpine stream at Monkey Creek to photograph this mountain in the Eglington Valley


We stopped at the Chasm to let the brakes on our vehicle cool down, eggs could have been fried on the rims they were that hot!


I got up close and personal with several Kea, this one is scavenging some discarded Kumera.


This Bell bird serenaded us for hours when we camped in Atholl


At Slope Point, the southern most point of land on the South Island, this brooding sky and crumbling cliff greeted us!


We decided not to purchase this ‘investment property’ in the Catlins!


Getting to this part of the bush in the Catlins was a bit hairy, the rain poured down and on a particularly steep and slippery section of the gravel road, the vehicle lost all traction for a while and we slid, for far too long!  All good in the end, but collective blood pressure rose!


However the sliding and the rain and the subsequent walk rewarded us with this:


This is part of what I did this summer, how about you?



1. nzchrissy - January 28, 2009

What magnificent photos you have shared David! I’m now homesick!! Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of New Zealand – we sure are lucky to have such a place to explore.
One of the “cons” of working in an International School is the “loss” of the fabulous Kiwi summer holidays! My “Summer Break” isn’t until June/July when I return to NZ for the break it will officially be winter! I am looking forward to being able to explore NZ at a different time of year! That’s one of the pros! Shall we compare and contrast photos then?

2. davidit - January 28, 2009

Chrissy, what a fantastic idea. I want to go south again in the winter to do just that, visit some of the places that we went to this summer and see them in their winter coat. I took over 1000 images on this trip, so there a just a few more to share! I will post more to my flickr photostream, so keep an eye out for those.

3. AllanahK - January 29, 2009

Your photography is stunning. Well done. Here’s what I did in the holidays. If you are intending to go south via Nelson, there is always free wifi at my place.


4. Melanie - January 29, 2009

Hi David- I love the bellbird shot! We saw some when we were in Hanmer Springs. Shame about the investment property!!!
Your photography is awesome- can I print some of them out on the work printer?!!!

5. davidit - January 29, 2009

Mel, got for it on the printing front, beware though that these images are low resolution for the Internet, so will not take being stretched.

6. Holidays - I guess its over | Educating the Dragon - January 30, 2009

[…] mirror what David said , 2008 was crazy. So I escaped with the family for the longest holiday we have ever had together – […]

7. sfrack - January 30, 2009

I so miss New Zealand! We are in the winter freeze and my sun drenched body from your NZ summer isn’t coping.
Good luck with the new school year.
Miss you too!

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