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Google Maps goes live – told you it was me! December 2, 2008

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Google Streets has gone live for New Zealand.  You may remember that I commented that I had been snapped by the Google streets vehicle earlier in the year, well now that data is live, you can check out the feature here.



1. AllanahK - December 2, 2008

Yes I remember you saying that you were the guy standing by the red car and there you are for all to admire. LOL

2. AllanahK - December 2, 2008

Interesting though that it feels like yr driving on the wrong side of the road???

3. Marnie - December 2, 2008

That is so cool – lucky you weren’t having a bad hair day that day!!! 😉

4. Google Maps a cautionary tale… « Turning the Supertanker - December 2, 2008

[…] and leads will develop as a result.  More on that later, however, with all the fanfare over Google Streets going live for New Zealand today, I thought that I would share my own Google Maps story from last […]

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