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Ancient Rome in 3-D, so what? November 13, 2008

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Google Earth have just launched a new layer in their Gallery, it is called ‘Ancient Rome 3-D’ and it does exactly what is says on the tin.  The Google Guys have created a complete rendtion of the famous landmarks and buildings of Ancient Rome in 3-D for us to all explore.  It is brilliant. You can read the development of the project here.

The so what of the title is… So how could we use this tool in a similar fashion to make the history of the locality that we live in come alive?  I am currently working on a project with a year 5 class where we are using Google Sketchup to create a 3-D model of our school to put into Google Earth, this is exciting enough.  However imagine re-creating a Maori pa site in 3-D that once graced the sides of many of the volcanoes in the Auckland caldera!  How much more dynamic and relevant a field trip would be if you could also envisage the current grassy hills as a vibrant communtity.  I think that there is much scope and potential to this idea.  Making history relevant and leap off of  the pages of dusty tomes is always a challenge to history teachers, however to synthesise the past with modern technology, all a the bargain basement price of $0, is surely too good an opportunity to pass up.  The next extrapolation of this would be to mash up Google Earth and Second Life to recreate events from the past in the environment that they took place…  Would this be considered a primary or secondary source if the detailing was accurate?  The potential is very exciting.

Any community, building, structure, event from the past could be treated this way, even battle fields!  History experienced in a  3-D world that can be moved through and examined from differing angles, to help decipher why certain actions were, or were not taken, what a concept, what a tool!  Any takers to help me build a pa?



1. Helen Hardie - November 14, 2008

What an AMAZING add on to Google Earth! The potential is certainly exciting! Sorry can’t help on the Maori pa site but you have planted the seed for me to explore here in Plymouth!

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