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Scratching with New Entrants November 5, 2008

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Scratch solar system to be explored by New Entrants

Scratch solar system to be explored by New Entrants

I have been working with one of the New Entrant classes on the Supertanker all year and this term they are exploring space. I have worked with them to develop spatial language, forward, backward, turn left and turn right.   We have done practical activities in the playground where I was a robot that could only travel on the lines of a four square court painted on the ground and I could only move if they gave me the right instructions.  It forced them to have to use the right language of forward and backward, left and right in order to move and involved a lot of experimentation!  We have also used a Lego NXT robot to visit planets that they have created, the students, with my help, put in forward and turn right commands into the memory and estimated distance and turn in order that they might get the NXT to successfully land on their planets. They are now starting to understand…. kind of. This week they have been working with a grid of squares and using arrows have been plotting how many squares forward and how many squares to the left and right they need to move in order to get to planets already drawn on their grids. This is all leading up to them starting some work next week to using Scratch.

Scratch is an object oriented programming language that allows students to clip commands together like Lego bricks in order for them to control an avatar, in our case a rocket that has to blast off from the blue planet and visit the other three planets in the image that I have created for them above. I am hoping that by showing the students blocks that they can use in Scratch to  control the rocket in the picture,  they will be able to navigate their way around the planetary system I have created for them.

The Scratch programming blocks the students will be allowed to use

The Scratch programming blocks the students will be allowed to use



1. Marnie - November 5, 2008

That is awesome David – I will have to pop in and see them so I can share in their excitement!!
This link http://www.nzmaths.co.nz/LearningObjects/G1.aspx to the robot collector learning object is good for teaching the language of position – could be of use to you and the class. My class always love using it. I bet the kids loved you being a robot!!

2. Katherine - November 7, 2008

Hi David, The children are so inspired in my classroom and motivation and enjoyment is key. Thank you for making this unit such a success.

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