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Breakout 5b October 9, 2008

Posted by davidit in Uncategorized.

My next presentation in about an hour or so will be a new departure, I am going to broadcast a live feed from the Green Room in the Town Hall to my ICTtv channel on Mogulus.  I will tweet this too, and see if others tune in.



1. livvy :) - October 9, 2008

what time will your broard cast be?

2. livvy :) - October 9, 2008

hey dad
dont bother telling me what time your broard cast is cause mum told me what we want to know is how do you wacth it?? we went to the website and we couldnt find you? so you just pop up when its 4:45??

3. davidit - October 9, 2008

Liv, Yep I will just appear, what you see at the moment is my pre-recorded stuff, so I will go live when I am in the session, you will see and hear me then! So just leave the channel running and wait, it might be a few moments after 4:45, just be patient!

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