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Who will be the 10 000th visitor? September 24, 2008

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Like Simon a few months ago, who asked the question about the discrepancy between the visitor figures on clustr maps and the blog figures, I too am wondering about that.  I have been keeping a closer eye on my red dots on my clustr map and see that by the time of my next update I should have passed the 10 000 visitor barrier.  Just 533 of you to go.  So if you suspect that you might be the 10 000th visitor, congratulations and let me know if you think that it is you and where you are from.  Not sure that there is a prize in it, but a geographical role call where my ‘regular readers’ hail from would be great.  Please respond to this post by commenting rather than lurking and simply state your geographical locale, I think that there is a Google Earth video in that.  Thanks.



1. Kirstin - September 28, 2008

I hale from Auckland, New Zealand.
Really enjoy reading your blog.

2. sfrack - September 28, 2008

I’m your biggest fan from New York State! Always curious as to what your newest brainstorm is.

3. Helen Hardie - September 29, 2008

Always an inspiration! Plymouth, UK!!

4. Simon - November 22, 2008

Just me! In Hawkes Bay!

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