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Preparations for Ulearn08 September 24, 2008

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Ulearn08, New Zealand’s largest Education ICT event is but a few short days away and I am finding it really hard to settle to the task at hand.  I have sat for hours in front of my computer doing everything else that needs to be done, except the job at hand, create my workshop presentation!  I have booked my tickets to VITTA in Melbourne, reserved my hotel, booked my rental car and have chosen my breakout sessions.  I have done the same for Christchurch and Ulearn.  But still I have not, metaphorically, put pen to paper for the Mogulus workshop that I will be giving in breakout one.

I have designed my poster for the Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award,  I have even blocked out my short 6 minute presentation for that too, but still my Mogulus workshop is not being created, I have less than two weeks to go and I am not in the least bit stressed about this state of affairs.  Why should this be so?  Am I so confident, blase about the whole thing?  The answer is no.  I think that in reality I am simply tired and by the time I have done a day on the Supertanker and got home I am simply too drained to be any more creative.  As I said in a much earlier post this year, this year would be big year for me and I think that it has been bigger and more stressful that I could have imagined.  My three hats have taken their toll and I am tired. 

As the end of term looms, I am hoping that I will get a couple of days rest and then on Monday I will set to with a will and in a flurry of creativity produce my Mogulus presentation.  For the thirty of you who have so far enrolled for this workshop, I certainly hope that this is the case.  What ever is the outcome, see you all there!  I could always blag  it, Internet connection willing!



1. Kirstin - September 28, 2008

I know exactly what you mean. I too should be thinking about my 2 ULearn presentations, well actually creating I guess as thinking isn’t going to get me much further. I too am worn out and hoping to get my self rested and ready to go in the next couple of days.
Congratulations on the Microsoft Innovative Teacher’s selection and good luck!
See you at ULearn.

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