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Acer Aspire One September 15, 2008

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I was loaned another UMPC today, this time it is an Acer Aspire One and Gerrard from Connect was the man who dropped it off.  Gerrard gave me a demonstration of the Linux version last week.  As with the ASUS Eeepc it came bundled with a load of open source goodies.  However, today I have the Windows variant and in this bundle there is a scarcity of programmes.  Office is loaded, but I am not sure if this would be an additional purchase cost on the unit if I were to purchase one, knowing Windows I would expect so.

I only have the machine for 24 hours so I will not have long to play with it.  My first impressions are very favourable.  This model has a more shiny and up market look to it when compared to the Asus.  For me the biggest plus is the larger keyboard.  For that fact alone I prefer it as an option over the Asus.  The Acer weighs in at 10g under 1kg so it is a lightweight bundle and would be ideal at conferences.  The touchpad mouse buttons takes a little getting used to, but overall the whole layout of the keyboard is just great for adult sized fingers.

The Aspire has three usb slots, a vga out port, two SD card slots, Lan port, web cam and wireless 80211 b/g.  Interestingly the Windows version of Aspire comes with the larger of the two solid state offerings, unlike the Asus version and has 1Gb of RAM.  If all that matters to you is the look, then the shell is very cool and is available in four colours.

I will be asking the same class that evaluated the Eeepc for me to evaluate this one tomorrow and will feedback here on what they have to say about it.  I am sure that they will be knocked out by it.  The big question is, would I purchase several of these for a class instead of a laptop or a workstation?  I am tempted to say yes, but would want to play with one for a little longer and install some other programmes to evaluate performance before I committed.

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