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Half time match report July 31, 2008

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Here we are in the second week of term 3 on the Supertanker, the year is already well past the halfway point and I have had some time for reflection.  The first two terms were stress on legs for me, there was Prague to prepare for and then there were the technical issues of the network, I have said before that we have had  a run of technical bumps with network performance.  The nett result has been that terms one and two could be described as a PR disaster in terms of ICT.  The upside of that is that we now have a more robust network and normality has been resumed, now I can go on a charm offensive to win back the hearts and minds of the waiverers on the Supertanker.

Yesterday I spent my first day on the Supertanker wearing my facilitator hat.  It was my role to work with teachers on rotation throughout the day helping them with ideas, solutions and giving some helpful suggestions to further integrate their ICT ideas into their planning and therefore their pedagogy.  To my delight, I left the Supertanker last night with a very healthy and positive view of the ICT within. I spent the day with 16 teachers, just over 50% of the staff.  It seems that despite the technical bumps the staff have been quietly getting on with it, this is fantastic news.  True the initiatives I worked on yesterday represent exactly where on the integration continuum the staff are.  There are some staff just making tentative forays into integration and the ICT skills and activites and their ambitions reflect this.  However,  there are staff doing some really ambitious and really challenging activities at the other end of the spectrum and the remaining staff are occupying all the shades between the two extremes.  Some of these activities will really be enhancing the conditions of learning of their students and I am looking forward to seeing the end products.  I think that it is fair to say that the Supertanker has made a further bearing change even in a choppy and disturbed sea.

Some of the programmes and utilities that the staff are currently using in their class programmes are: blogging, wikis, Photostory, digital cameras, Inkscape, The Gimp, Google Earth, Google Sketchup, Mogulus, Movie Maker, video cameras, Voicethread, Podomatic, Bubbleshare, Mindstorms and so on.  There is a good spread and the staff are very positive about their own progress and not a PowerPoint in site! Great news indeed!

We are on a new bearing of 230 degrees and are at full steam ahead!



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