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Oodesk – virtual desktop anytime anyplace July 29, 2008

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I have just found and am experimenting with another really cool online tool.  It is an online virtual desktop that has all the utilities that you would expect on your desktop only it is entirely online and therefore accessible from any Internet connected device.  The screen shot above is my online desktop.  It is a place where I can upload files, programmes, images, video and music.  In addition it has its own mail client, its own document writer, a presentation creator, a spreadsheet program and a plethora of other utilities that you can add to customise your desktop.  It has Google and RSS feeds embedded the list goes on. You can change the theme and background and it has a start button type browsing toolbar.

I mentioned a few posts ago that pretty soon we will only need Internet connectivity to access all of our files, this utility is the start of that trend.  Soon the Internet will be THE application to have and all that will matter is the speed with which you can access the Internet.  I am about to see how the desktop looks on my phone and on my PDA.

I can hear some of you saying so what?  If I have a laptop then I am good to go.  Well this is true, but I have so many different accounts and machines and as a facilitator different venues to work at, that I can often find that I only have access to 90% of the resources that I wish to get to.  This utility is providing the start of my quest to create an entirely online presence, the plastic boxes that we sit are rapidly becoming dumb terminals, what goes around comes around.

I am going to test this more over the coming days and weeks and will post my findings.  I will want to test document compatibility, storage capacity and speed of access once files have been uploaded.  From what I have seen so far, it is looking like it will be really worth while uploading and experimenting with this.

You can check out and sign up for your own virtual desktop by clicking here: http://oodesk.com



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