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Google Earth 4.3 update July 11, 2008

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I have been playing around with Google Earth again and have created a rough fly through of the type that I mentioned in the previous post. I decided to apply terrain to Milford Sound and then fly through that environment. For most of us a school trip to Milford Sound is not an option, but Google Earth lets us create a virtual fly through. The video I have created moves through the environment at an altitude of 1.5 km, I did do the fly through at an altitude of 300m, but controlling the path is a little tricky, however, you will get the idea. I made two passes, one of them is from the Tasman Sea back into the sound the other is the opposite. As you fly through you get a sense of scale for the region and not only that on one of the videos you can identify glacial features like hanging valleys etc.

These kinds of resources whilst never replacing the benefit of actually going to such places, will allow a teacher to create a greater sense of the environment, features and scale of the location to be studied. Simple to create, powerful imagery and re-usable. Worth the effort I believe. Helen, if you read this, this is an interim solution to that presentation we saw in Prague! Where shall we share?



1. Helen Hardie - July 12, 2008

Great idea – I knew there was one coming! Where to share indeed. Will consider it carefully and get back to you soon!

2. Amanda - July 12, 2008

That’s a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing your video, did you record it using Google earth or an outside programme?
Thanks Amanda (heymilly)

3. David - July 12, 2008

Amanda, I used a mash up of Google Earth, CamStudio (which I have now used to annotate key features of the Google Earth video). I then edited the AVI file in Ulead 8.0. I have also found a way of making the flight path more accurate and the animation smoother, I am currently working on a better quality version to demonstrate all of the above features.

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