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Would I do this again? July 7, 2008

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The unnequivocal answer has to be yes.  The caveat has to be, yes but I would organise it differently.  I deliberately packed too much into this trip and I am now feeling it.  I do not think that I  would shuttle about as much if I were to do a trip like this again.  My concern is that I am running on adrenalin at the moment and will collapse once home.  Luckily I have the school holidays to look forward to when I get back, but in truth there is no rest there.  My niece is coming up to stay with us for a week, Marnie wants to pick my brains, Steve will want a de-brief, I have to write a review of the Eepc for Interface, I have already planned to meet Pam and I have to prepare for the Cluster call back day.  In addition I have to create the presentation for Kuala Lumpur so I do know that I have burnt the candle at both ends this last fortnight and will have to continue to do so for a while yet.  No rest for the wicked, or the ambitious!

The conference was, despite my initial trepidation, a success and I know that the exposure that it has given both Helen and I will bring us both benefits. I am already looking beyond the Supertanker, to horizons new, but am not sure from where the opportunities will come.  I have a few ideas, but they will  need to be cultivated over the next year or so.  It now seems as though I will be submitting a paper for the VITTA conference, probably on the Tohatoha story, but now that the one that was submitted to VIASL and is now a published paper from conference proceedings, peer reviewed no less, I will need to re-write it so as to not contravene the copyright issues.  I will need to consult David Benzie on this issue.

Helen is trying to get funding to get to Ulearn this year, so that we can present our work to the NZ audience.  Whatever the  outcome I will hopefully be sharing that information with the Ulearn audience and with the staff on the Supertanker and the cluster.  Interesting times.



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