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Saltash – Royal Albert Bridge July 1, 2008

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After I had walked from the station to my hotel, I quickly checked in, dropped my bags off and headed to reception to find out the best way to make it to the west of the city and the Royal Albert Bridge at Saltash.  Saltash is on the Cornwall side of the bridge.  Whilst talking to the receptionist about the best way to get a cab or a bus there, she consulted the hotel Porter, Dave.  He suggested that I should go to the Saltash side of the bridge as the best views are there. Furthermore he said that if I could wait two minutes he would give me a lift as he was just coming off shift and he lived on the Cornwall side of the bridge.  There was one proviso, he was about to pick his two sons up as there was to be a family re-union that afternoon at home, so there would be a bit of a tour round Plymouth as he picked up his sons.

As we were talking, it transpired that Dave  had lived in New Zealand for many years out the back of Kawerau, his father ran a sheep and cattle station there.  Dave had gone out to New Zealand when he was two, and after some years ended up in Sydney, finally coming back to Plymouth ten years ago.  Dave and his sons told me where the best places to go were for the best views of the bridge, where to get the bus back to Plymouth from and dropped me at the top of the hill in Saltash.  This post is dedicated to you Dave, thanks for your generosity.

Once I had seen all that there was to see in Saltash, see the slide show below.  I walked back over the road bridge on the newly added walkway.  It took me about an hour and a half to walk from Saltash to the centre of Plymouth, it was a glorious Sunday afternoon  and was just the exercise that I needed after a week of a lot of sitting and waiting on planes, trains and in airports…

Getting to Saltash was well worth the effort, the Royal Albert Bridge Web cam may well have picked me up, I was there from 3:20 to about 5:00 on Sunday 29 June, you can check the archives to see if you can spot the Brunel nut!

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