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You Tube ‘Warp’ tool April 17, 2008

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I am not sure if any of you have used or aware of the new tool on You Tube called warp? The warp tool is a visual tool that allows you to follow a path of related videos. It looks cool too. In the standard view of You Tube you see a panel of related videos arranged in a linear fashion to the right of the video you are currently watching. The warp tool uses the same kewords search tool to link related videos, but is more inviting for users to browse through and is not at all linear, you can use this tool to wander off down some very unexpected avenues! As a result I would not recommend this as a tool for students to use…

To access the warp tool you need to make the video that you are using full screen by clicking on the icon on the bottom right of the video screen. Once there you need to click on the warp icon on the bottom left of the screen, it is the middle icon and looks like this:

Once the warp tool opens up, you are presented with a growing cluster of circles that relate to individual videos. As you move your mouse over a video, the contents and a play button are revealed to you and in the process more videos related to that new one appear, the field of options grows really quickly, a fun tool and one that you can get lost in really quickly. I rate it at about 11 out of 10 on the addictive scale!

Warp looks like this when you are using it.



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