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End of term report – meet the teacher? I doubt it. April 10, 2008

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As our school prepares itself for the first parent interviews of the year, I thought that I might take some time to reflect upon my performance so far this year. Term one this year has had a huge range of highs and lows.  The high points have to be invited to speak at Prague, speaking at Learning@Schools, starting my facilitator role and continuing the collaborative teaching and learning role with Helen in Plymouth. Long may these continue and grow.

This is all good, but how has my performance been overall?  I knew that 2008 would be a big year for me and if term one is anything to go by, then it will be painful too!  As my role has grown I now wear three hats, rather like the Papal triple crown…  I am continually pulled in three directions and managing the individual pulls is hard, if not impossible.   My teaching and learning and staff support roles have suffered this term.  My work with Helen is done in my own time and late at night, my requirements for the cluster are timetabled and non-negotiable.  My work and preparation for Prague are likewise done in my own time.  School has been somewhat challenging this term.  I am convinced that my colleagues at school wonder what Iam doing!  From their perspective it certainly is not teaching or supporting them.

We started the year with 10 new digitally enhanced classrooms, due to timetabling confusions, 6 of those classes have been timetabled on the day when I am working out of school in my role as a facilitator!  These staff have been very patient and understanding, however, they need support from me and Iam unable to give it.  In addition we have had a fairly poor run of network reliability.  We have had Internet connection issues, we have had software issues, suppliers supplying the wrong stuff, not turning up on time etc etc.  In short the technical hat of my role has consumed far too much of my time to the detriment of my teaching role. The start of the year has not been one that I would want to repeat.  Yet without undertaking this kind of infrastructure improvement, the school will not advance, so in all liklihood, next summer holidays will be spent in the same vortex of unreliable suppliers and broken promises.

In term two I want to have a period of network stability, to have aligned timetables and more time in the classes.  In short my end of term report has to say, could do better!



1. Dean Groom - April 10, 2008

ever wondered why you are always last out the car park? Fear going to the staff room in case you get more gribbles and more demands … the good stuff you’re doing eclipses the daily grind. Have a good break, rest up and stop to look at the view – Prague is an excellent place to start. Love the blog, don’t stop now … Greetings from Australia.

2. Helen Hardie - April 11, 2008

Surely it should read – has great potential!

3. davidit - April 11, 2008

Dean, thanks for that, I needed it. You are right, I avoid the staff room. Left work at 1:10am one morning this week having spent 17 hours in school sorting out Internet connection issues caused by MS updates messing up their own stuff! And I am the one who takes the staff flak for their stuff being wrong, it is me and my tech support team whom I fear the staff regard as the idiots… Goes with the territory I guess. Am really looking forward to Prague though!

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