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Shapeshifter – online animation tool November 27, 2007

Posted by davidit in Aniboom, Education, Education 2.0, ICT Integration, shapeshifter, student engagement, Web 2.0.
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I have just found this great tool called Aniboom Shapeshifter.  This is another animation tool, it is free to use (of course) and has a thriving community, a lot of whom are schools, associated with it.  It is rather like Pivot in that it has some basic shapes that you can edit and add to.  But where this application might score over Pivot is that it is online, no programmes to install and that it can go beyond the stick figure format of Pivot.  Oh and it has colour, you can group objects into one and you can organise objects onto layers.  You can check out the basic tutorial here.  I think that this application is a winner and will be trialling it in my lunchtime sessions this week to get student feedback.




1. mac on crack - August 15, 2008

yes i also found this app great as it does not need windows (mac rules). there just a small thing that i think that they could add and that is a free hand and text toolbar

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