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International Education Week – Day 1 November 12, 2007

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What a wonderful and inspiring day today has been.  In the space of 15 hours I have taught in three different countries, without the use of a passport and international travel.

Today I have taught, as usual in New Zealand, but this afternoon I tutored a teacher in the use of Audacity.  I showed her how to download, install Audacity, record and export an audio file.  I then showed her how to  send that file via Skype to anyone that she chose to send it to; naturally she sent her first recording, via Skype, to me.  Nothing odd about that, except that she is in upper New York State!  She left that session buzzing as did I.   Sandi is a specialist music teacher and has now seen the potential of this program to be used as an assessment tool to gather evidence on the musical ablitities and progress of her students.  A free program that she did not know about has now provided the initial impetus for her to further explore the limitless possibilities of ICT and to integrate ICT into her daily lessons and crucially, completely without pain!  The possibilites for peer tutoring like this are limitless, forget dial a pizza, dial a peer!

It is now 11:16 pm and for the last hour I have been teaching graphics to a class of Year 4 students in Plymouth in the UK.  You can see the resource that I used in conjunction with a video Skype call at my skrbl pad I also recorded my end of the session using CamStudio and will post the finished video to You Tube later.   The students loved it.  The session had quite an entourage, the Principal of the school and several members of the Board of Governors were there as were the local press.

The most bizarre aspect of the whole event was having my picture taken via Skype by the lcoal press photographer!  Very odd indeed, but very global and proving that we can move beyond the boundaries of our four walls in class. With a little planning and effort we can access peer support and expert advice from all over the planet.  Our students deserve this and we should, as Captain Picard says. “Make it so.”



1. AllanahK - November 12, 2007

Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

Congratulations on a job well done.


2. Helen Hardie - November 13, 2007

A fantastic morning! The kids are buzzing! THANK YOU!

3. Jane Nicholls - November 13, 2007

Wow! This never ceases to amaze me. Teachers are the most global minded and giving people. There are only a few other professions that have the opportunity of seeing their work as important and worthy of sharing across the globe, investing our own time and talents without monetary gain.

You are making the world a better place, as they say, one child at a time. However, your global reach makes that an even more profound statement.

4. davidit - November 13, 2007

I have to say that I was buzzing after my lesson with Helen last night. The technology was clunky, we knew it would be, the skype session was dropped, thanks to my wireless network at home, several times. But despite these minor glitches it worked and will only get better as we all develop a remote teaching pedagogy and fine tune the technology to truly deliver quality JIT lessons to any student who demands it anywhere, any time. I slept very little last night! So what is next, anyone else for a remote graphics lesson? Any other requests? Anyone out there with an expertise they would like to share with other students?

5. Leyette Callister - November 13, 2007

There you go again paving the way for the rest of us to follow. The world is our oyster so it is up to us all to take on this challenge and run with it. What other opportunities lie out there? I think we need a round table to discuss what else we can share and learn from. The shrinking earth just got even smaller. Good for you David!

6. fenderdude - November 13, 2007

Having worked with David for the last 7 years, nothing suprises me. It has been great pushing the boundaries with him. I can see this working next year with his ICT/PD cluster as the lead teachers can share across their own and each others schools. Wish I was going to be around to do this, but the private sector beckons. My class are proof that 21st Century approaches to learning are the key. The stuff they are doing as 10 year olds and the educational improvements they have made as result are awesome.

If David says it can be done…….believe him it can!!

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