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Madasafish October 9, 2007

Posted by davidit in Madasafish.

Some of you will know that I have had an e-mail address for years based at a UK ISP called Madasafish. Some who know me feel that the person and the ISP go hand in glove. I could not possibly comment. However whilst on the phone yesterday I was doodling on my desk jotter and a rather mad looking fish emerged! I ripped it off of the jotter and took it home, chucked it on the scanner and have made this creation using Macromedia’s Freehand. At tool I love to play with, I have lots of images on the go, but as this one is less complex than the others I have completed it. Nothing to do with student attainment, dead animals, fossils or web 2.0! Makes a refreshing change!




1. Marnie - October 9, 2007

Great pic David… just a doodle – you should come and model drawing to my class and explain to them how you scanned it – they would be fascinated.

2. David - October 9, 2007

Marnie, you have seen what is on the wall in the ICT lab, the Mini Cooper was created using the same program. The doodle was just a pencil sketch, maybe I should post that too? Happy to show your class how to scan an image and then to trace over it. We can do that in Art Rage. I have been showing Sarah’s class how to create drawings in Art Rage, maybe we can ramp it up with yours? Do you want me to come in and show them on Friday?

3. Helen Hardie - October 9, 2007

Can’t wait to meet the real DK (in Prague hopefully) so that i can comment as to whether image and person do go “hand in glove” – very talented! Well done David – perhaps you could go into business creating avatars for people from your perception of them!

4. David - October 9, 2007

Good idea Helen! Any takers?

5. Simon - October 9, 2007

Dare I ask what the content of mentioned phone call was which caused your brain/hand subconcious to create such a marvel?

6. David - October 10, 2007

Simon, if I tell you that my subconcious was reflecting the frustrations that have arisen from the inertial vortex that results from dealing with Telco’s who are not prepared to think outside the box, in order to assist me in solving my Internet crisis. It was one of those phone calls… You will then start to see the Freudian anger issues within the drawing! Who can I bite? It is no use hiding, I have big eyes and a lamp to seek you out, oh and I do not give up… You get the drift!

7. flaxm - October 18, 2007

Hi Mr Kinane

Cool picture you doodled. I think you should have a contests with my best friend Oliver.

From Ryan ( A Student In Robotics )

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