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Flogging the Dinosaur October 4, 2007

Posted by davidit in ulearn07.

I issued a challenge tonight to those at my dinner table, as part of the Ulearn 07 conference, to write a post titled ‘flogging the dinosaur.’   Those of you that are avid (Yeah right!)  readers of my blog will know that thisw as my initial intended title for this blog, it is one that I still want to use as I think that it evokes all kinds of imagery!  So you have been dead for 85 million years what exactly is your take on the whole open source debate?  Or at its best, you have been irrelevant for what seems like 85 million years what do you mean the Gestetner is cutting edge?!

I raised this because I heard today the spine chillingly awful phrase ‘neo luddite.’  If we experience this kind back lash then we live with the awful potential of good vet making those ancient educational bones walk again.  Can you imagine it?  The rise of the dinosaur, I think that  I need to go and lie down!



1. Ewan McIntosh - October 5, 2007

The backlashes with technology are everywhere, and I think if we can avoid encouraging them by *not* using phrases like ‘neo-luddite’ then we’re off to a good start.

Technology in education is changing so fast that we could all, in some way or other, be classified as luddites as it’s quite easy to imagine that we are all regularly confronted with things that we don’t understand, some of which we strive to get, others which we must just give into and move past.

2. Jane Nicholls - October 6, 2007

The term that makes me go cold is “Back to Basics” ! Every time I hear a politician utter these words (usually followed by the call for more testing) I get disturbed. I want these politicians (or Principals, or teachers) to instruct their dentists or surgeons to get “Back to Basics”.

3. David - October 7, 2007

Jane, in true luddite style we should advocate that a painless retribution for the ‘out of touch’ amongst us would be for them to walk to work carrying the screeds of paper that they insist is an essential part of being a teacher. That will sort the wheat from the chaff, mind you if they keep throwing rocks into ‘them thar threshing machines’ then there will be no sorting of the wheat from the chaff without resorting to some back breaking work! I wonder just how long it would be before they complained? It was national walk to work day last Friday anyway! Just how back to basics do they want to go, wax tablet….?

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