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Joost September 24, 2007

Posted by davidit in Education, Education 2.0, ICT Integration, joost, Web 2.0.

In my last post I mentioned Joost.  Joost is a service that was set up by the guys at Skype.  I first heard about Joost earlier this year through one of my AvantGo subscriptions.  As soon as I heard about Joost I applied to be an evaluer of their Beta product.  Coincidently the invite to join arrived this week, so I have now downloaded Joost and have it running on my machine at home.

In a nutshell Joost is a TV station rather like Sky but without the constant ad breaks you can watch whatever is on offer whenever suits you.  It is an amazing bit of code, there is no latency or lag in the download as there is when you watch You Tube or Teacher Tube videos.  When you click on the programme of your choice from the many and growing list of channels, you wait a few seconds and then your chosen programme runs, full screen with great image quality. It is fantastic.

I wanted to jump onto this bandwaggon as soon as it came out as I beleive that this programme, like e-cast shows the future of the broadcasting and the internet.  Genuine programme choice at a time that suits you and no adverts.  Joost does have sponsors, these either appear at the start of the programme or as a little icon on the screen for a few seconds.  A small price to pay I feel.

I am completely sold on this idea.  Unfortunately, unlike e-cast you can not record these programmes, although I have worked out a way.  Joost at the moment is only available through invitation from existing members, so if you want to have a go at this, I am happy to invite you to join the Joost community.  Just let me know though the your comments.



1. Lynne Crowe - September 24, 2007

Hi David
Yes, I’d like an invite to Joost. It looks like something I could investigate during these holidays (before ULearn).

2. AllanahK - September 24, 2007

Me too thanks David- I like the idea of Joost without the delays and jerky playback!

3. AllanahK - September 24, 2007

Thanks for the invite. What a great find- I was impressed with the quality of the video- want to try it again when we go onto the Loop soon at school- it will play like the wind then- I hope.

4. Rachel Boyd - September 25, 2007

Just had a look at the video on the website. Looks very interesting.
Do you have any more invites?

5. David - September 25, 2007

Rachel, yes I have no restrictions on invites, although if you Google Joost you will see that the system has been groaning a bit, so perhaps the performance will not be as spectacular as I first intimated! You should see an invite from me soon. See you next week.

6. Rachel Boyd - September 25, 2007

Thanks for the invite!
I have been having fun watching some shows.
The quality of the video is good and best of all it streams beautifully, even with my sometimes cr*ppy connection.
Ta, catch you soon – no doubt Marnie will introduce us (after I meet her for the first time!) lol

7. Richard - September 26, 2007

Hi David
Can you send me an invite please I’ve been playing with Miro for a while and will be interested to see what content this one has.

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