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Paper Cut – update September 21, 2007

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I have been talking to the guys at Paper Cut, they are very friendly and the responses to my questions come back very quickly.  Great service guys, thanks.  I wanted to find out if there was a total environmental impact report, sadly this is only available as a function for individual users.  However, I asked them if they could supply me with the formula for calculating the environmental impact and they sent me the following link:


The basic facts are:

One tree equates to 80 500 A4 sheets of paper.  This equates to 161 reams of paper

To produce one sheet of A4 paper 8.6g of carbon dioxide is produced.  This equates to 4.3kg of carbon dioxide per ream of paper.

The amount of electricity consumed per A4 sheet of paper is 17wh.

Of course the paper has already consumed all of this by the time we put it in the printers.  In addition we should really consider all the other costs on top, toner, power for the printer, the impact of construction of the printer/photocopiers, light and heat etc but as an indicator to raise awareness, it is already causing ripples here in school.  Now that I have shared the formula, even if you do not have Paper Cut in school, you can still assess what the impact of your paper consumption is.  I am hoping to ultimately have an 85% reduction in paper consumption.



1. Chris - September 24, 2007

Hi David,
Chris from PaperCut here. Thanks for the compliments regarding our service. We’re a little different from most IT companies these days – that is, we do the support ourselfs rather than outsourcing to a “call center” 😉

If anyone is interested in reading a little bit more about the rationale behind the environmental impact feature, it would be worth checking my blog post at:

As you pointed out, the enviro impact calculations only factors in the impact of the paper production and not the energy that has gone into the printer, the energy and plastics consumed in the manufacturing of the device, the toner production, etc. Finding referencable figures in this area is difficult as most of the manufactures are rather coy when it comes to the impact of their devices on the environment! Addressing the paper only is however a good start.

Having all schools assess their consumption is a good idea. A free way of doing this would be to download and run our free PaperCut Print Logger ( http://www.papercut.com/products/free_software/print_logger/ ) on the print server for a month. The data can then be opened in MS Excel. You can then quickly work out the CO2 consumed with a quick sum of the pages column multiplied by 8.6g.

2. davidit - September 24, 2007

Chris, thanks for the advice. Will get on to that. As I said in my first post about Papercut, I used to use your product at my previous school and I know that your service is excellent. I will keep spreading the word.

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