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ToonDoo July 31, 2007

Posted by davidit in collaborative, Education, Education 2.0, ICT Integration, Toon Do, ToonDo, Web 2.0.

Edublogs is two years old today.  I was searching through their tag cloud and found the following post on this  blog.  This is yet another example of a cool web2.0 tool that has lots of potential for the classroom.  It is embeddable as you can see in a blog or into a webpage.  My humour is based on those amongst us on the supertanker who are the proverbial ostriches!

The site that my humour is created on is ToonDoo. This tool has lots of options for students to create short cartoon strips of ideas that they wish to express, or even collate their ideas into a book that can then be embedded into their blogs, wikis or websites.  Check it out.

\Stuck in the middle\



1. Rajendran - July 31, 2007

Thanks a lot. Glad you like ToonDoo.

Do spread the word around, we want more educationists around the world to use it, and also give us feedback on how better to model the site to suit them even better.

Meanwhile, step over to the ToonDoo edublog too, I try to teach words there.

ToonDude from http://www.jambav.com

2. Marnie - July 31, 2007

Hmm, lots of those aliens at our school but they are not as cute in real life!! 🙂
Cool tool – did it take long to make your comic? Is it simple enough for Juniors to use without it taking too long do you think?

3. David - August 1, 2007

Marnie, it is really easy drag and drop programme. I think anyone could master it in about 5 minutes! I really think that it has possibilities, especially for sequencing ideas, story telling and of course jokes! The making of your toons into a book is a really cool tool and the presentation is neat too. I recommend that you check it out further.

4. Artichoke - August 2, 2007

In a similar way this is an interesting use of Comic Life to track process – check out Auckland boat builder João Rivera’s Aotearoa blog http://kiaoratearoa.blogspot.com/

Is easy to see the application for student’s as researchers – and for technology design process, procedural writing etc etc

Link came from reading ChCh hospitality tutor Selena Chan’s blog – http://mportfolios.blogspot.com/

5. davidit - August 3, 2007

Pam, thanks for your comment. I loved the links to the boat builder site. Comic Life is a good ap, if you have a Mac and that is the catch. I am trying to find universal applications that are not platform dependent. This is the power of Web 2.0 tools for me. Accessibility, cost (or lack thereof) and independence from platform requirements. ToonDoo is worth an explore, you can upload your own photos if you so desire and create your own toon characters from their template generator. However in conjunction with something like The Gimp, students could create their own characters from scratch and then upload them…. The potential is huge for creativity and student self expression. No doubt most schools will want to ban it via their filters as cartoons are historically not seen as valid and subversive at worst!

6. joao rivera - September 20, 2007

good to see that you like my work at aotearoa. it is a result of self driven portifolio where you must prove your learning. as my master would say, “tests just show what you don’t know”. more info could be found with ian dunford at unitec(http://takatimu.blogspot.com/) or directly with me. the last post of the blog is a 9 minute video of the construction of our project boat.

7. Maximus - December 20, 2007

I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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