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ICT PD Cluster Proposal July 25, 2007

Posted by davidit in Education, Education 2.0, ICT Integration, Inquiry Model.

For the last several months I have been involved in preparing a proposal for what we believe will be the last round of ICT PD funding in its present guise. The reasons that we have not taken the Government’s money earlier are due to circumstances that were beyond our control. And for what ever reasons, now seems like the right time to do it. However if this is the last round of funding, then the desire to get this proposal right has been an intense process. Finally last night I put the finishing touches to the proposal and hope that, couched in Ministry speak, the enthusiasm and latent determination and excitement of the cluster for our project shines through.

As a cluster of Principals (of which I am not!) we have already developed some interesting avenues of inquiry and potential collaborative projects. Should our application be unsuccessful we are determined to at least see these initial ideas come to fruition. We had a meeting yesterday to put the final touches to the document and have sent it off for final scrutiny to Pam Hook, who we hope, with her partner Julie Mills will be our facilitators should we get the funding.

The cluster have elected us to be the lead school and as the only ICT specialist teacher within the cluster I am looking forward to empowering the other teachers in the cluster as I have done with my target teachers here at school. Within the cluster there is only one Mac school and it is their stated mission to convert us all to their platform.  Why Mac users are so passionate about ‘their’ platform I have no idea.   They are after all only machines!  I can’t imagine the same debate happening in garages about ethanol or Diesel powered machines, who cares so long as it gets the job done?  Joking aside and I have have owned Mac’s in the past, Mac’s use of the Intel chip is providing and intersting opportunity to create dual platform schools.  I digress, I am looking forward to empowering a wider range of teachers and introducing them to the panopoly of web 2.0 tools out there.  It has been a real pleasure to see two of my charges, here at school, power ahead in the last few weeks. They are both currently exploring the potential of blogs and podcasting in class to empower their students.

We are about to plan for the second phase of our roll out of digital classrooms, for want of a better phrase for 2008. This next wave of teachers will be my next focus group for tooling up with the skills needed to experiment with integration of ICT into their class environments.



1. Artichoke - July 25, 2007

Ahh David, panoply is such a fabulous word – fingers crossed that the proposal is successful – after all what could be more significant than attempting to
“To give the leaders of tomorrow the knowledge they need to operate in a world rapidly running out of resources and facing the challenges of climate change.”MoE SOI 2007

2. Marnie - July 25, 2007

Glad you put that Pam Hook link there as I was scouring the net on the weekend to see if she had a blog but couldn’t find anything. I definately have my fingers crossed and it will be a great opportunity for you (and the teachers at the other schools) to have you leading the ICT cluster. Definately due for a pay rise for that I think!!!
I hope I am one of the ‘charges’ that is making you happy – odd way to describe us!! 🙂
Keep blogging (venting)! You need to at the moment!!!

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