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Change Management and Managing Change May 17, 2007

Posted by davidit in Education, ICT Integration, mission.

Is technological change a continuum or a cycle? What ever it is, it is easy to feel left behind or swamped by technology. Mangaging technological change in the classroom and in classroom pedagogy is a major point of stress for teachers. Many of you will know and recognise those teachers in your schools who just go belly up with new technology, they give up before they give it a go.

As I have said before, ICT is all too often regarded by many teachers as another layer of work an extra in their already busy days. But the very term integration means that ICT and the perception of it by many has to move from the periphery to the centre. I contend that successful integration of ICT into the classroom should render it almost transparent. Students and teachers alike will use it automatically to enhance a learning intention.

The question is how to move those stressed out teachers from an entrenched position of passive / aggressive resistance to one of acceptance and change? The video below is priceless and always makes me laugh. I am sure that all viewers will fall into two camps, which one do you think that you belong to? How will you ensure that you either assist the petrified on their journey or if you are one of the petrified, how will you join the ride?

I guess that it is a matter of trust and here is the contradiction. Daily we ask students to trust us to help them learn, to develop strategies that move them from the known to the unknown, that step is called learning and we all know it. Yet as adults some of us seem to shy away from abyss of the unknown, especially with regard to ICT, and retreat to the safety of our comfort zones. Our Government asks us to inculcate within our students a love of life long learning, yet we do not embrace that philosophy when it comes to ICT! I would not say that we are hypocrites either! Maybe the nub of the problem is relevance? I do not know. What I do know is that all viewers will fall into two camps when they see this video. Ask yourself are you the technologically terrified or the technologically savvy?

If you are the latter, what simple steps can you take to help one of the technologically terrified make a small step this week? I for one have already celebrated the efforts of one terrified colleague today, I know that I can do more. But support and encouragement must be the answer on the skills aquisition battle front. Winning the hearts and minds of the relevance argument is another strategy altogether. If you recognise yourself as one of the technologically terrified, set yourself a small goal, one simple step to attain by this Friday. Ask for help, you will find lots of willing assistance once you do and remember you are not the first to ask for help as this video illustrates, we have been doing it for millenia, all that has changed is the technology!



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